State of Health

Harmony between body, mind and soul equals health in Chinese medicine. If Qi (pronounced: chee) flows, we are healthy, if it stagnates, we become sick. Simplified, the term Qi means energy. According to ancient Taoists, Qi is the only thing that really exists in our universe. Interestingly, this approach is now being described by quantum physics. Qi moves from heaven to earth, and from earth to heaven.

Why does a tree grow, why is our heart beating?
Compared to Western medicine, where material matter is viewed in isolation, Chinese medicine distinguishes between various less material causes of disease.
If the causes of illness described below lead to disturbances in the energy flow of the human being, symptoms and then diseases appear. This means that the disturbance manifests itself first in the less material and later in the physical matter (organ).

  • Internal causes of illness are our emotions: anger, sadness, worry, thoughtfulness, excessive joy, fear
  • External causes of disease are: wind, cold, moisture, heat, dryness
  • Other causes of disease include: stress, overwork, weak constitution, wrong diet, trauma, shock, parasites, etc.

The strength of Chinese medicine is, among other things, the possibility of investigating and clarifying the confusing connections of cause and symptoms of a disease.
In the ancient scripts, this was described as root (for the effective cause of disease) and leaves (for the inflammatory symptom). This approach allows the user to understand, explain and create solutions for health issues that cannot even be explained in the West.